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Photo and Video Log

To view current photos and videos of BSCO events, visit the BSCO picasa site.
Photos included on the picasa site include:
  • 2011 Student delegation to Izumi
  • 2010 Mayor's delegation to Izumi
  • 2010 Student delegation from Japan
  • 2010 Marathon runner from Izumi
  • 2010 Mayoral delegation from Izumi
  • 2010 Student delegation to Izumi
Check out photos from past delegations, events and membership activities.  This includes the annual Taste of Japan event, Kite Day, Mayoral, Student and Adult Delegations, Marathon Runner exchanges and much more.
Bloomington's local program B30 Engage your City has highlighted some of BSCO's programs.  To view their programs, click each link below.

Taste of Japan 2010

Subpages (1): TOJ 2016 Reservations