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Art Exchanges

Izumi Student Art Exchange 2013 Winners

Izumi Student Art Exchange 2010 Winners

Winners were announced for the Izumi Student Art Exchange for 2010 including:

America Cruz Perez, Westwood Elementary,  Mayor of Izumi City Prize

Brett Allen, Minnehaha Academy, Bloomington Campus, Chair person of Izumi City Council Prize

Alta Alonzi, Jefferson High School, Superintendent of school of Izumi City

Sarah Brink, Jefferson High School, President of Izumi International Exchange Association

Alex Pliska, Olson Middle School, President of Izumi International Exchange Association

Izumi City sends the following note to the winners, “We appreciate you participating in our students’ art festival in Izumi.  Many citizens here visited our exhibition and they really enjoyed it.  They were impressed with Bloomington children’s colorful and beautiful art works.  They also enjoyed feeling cultural differences through the art.”



Art Exchange Program


Bloomington Sister City Organization has sent student art work for display in Izumi City, Japan.  7 school s and 1 individual youth participated in the exchange.  A total of 109 pieces of art were submitted.    The student art exchange is an annual program that allows Bloomington students from both public and private schools to send their art work to be on display in Izumi City.  Art from students in grades K-12 placed on display annually during the month of November.  Art work is judged by Izumi City staff and elected officials with prizes awarded.  Izumi student art work is also sent to Bloomington and is displayed at local schools and at the Taste of Japan dinner and fundraiser.


For more information on how to participate in future events, contact Bloomington Sister City at 952-563-8713.

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