About BSCO

Bloomington has enjoyed a lengthy relationship with Izumi City, Japan

The Bloomington-Izumi Sister City relationship began in 1993. When Bloomington began to explore the idea of a Sister City, organizers looked for commonalities often shared between Sister Cities. These included community goals, population size, geographic conditions, key industries, infrastructure, local ethnic population, business, and education. Bloomington sought a Sister City located within a larger metropolitan area, had a college or university within its boundaries, and shared a similar economic structure.

Since officially establishing the Sister City relationship, numerous exchanges have helped each Sister City learn about government structures, industries, community services, art groups, art and culture groups, fraternal organizations, schools, and colleges.

Members of the community, businesses, government, service groups, athletes, and K-12 students participate in a variety of events. Parallels in our community lives make a remarkable and thought-provoking difference.

The Bloomington Sister City Organization, Inc. (BSCO), promotes international understanding through exchanges of people, information, and ideas. Its goals are to establish friendships, build understanding, and develop economic relationships.

Izumi City Japan

Bloomington, MN

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