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First post from 2011 Student Delegation to Izumi

posted Jun 17, 2011, 9:44 AM by Pete Hage   [ updated Mar 13, 2012, 12:01 PM by Jaclyn Swords ]
The delegation left Minneapolis on June 15th. This is the first posting:

Today (6/16/11), we visited Ikegami Sone Yayoi Cultural Workshop and the students made their own necklaces there.

According the staff there, this is one of the very rare groups who are so talented to finish the project in such a short time with high quality.

For lunch the group went to Kaiten Sushi; sushi floats on a river by and you pick the ones you like):

After the lunch, we divided into 3 groups and visited high schools in Izumi. Most participated in the Japanese class at each school and interacted with the students there. They got back in the bus with huge smiles and told me how fun it was to talk to them and spend time together doing some activities.

The meeting with Izumi Mayor Tsuji was scheduled after the high school visits. Everybody has been introducing themselves using only Japanese; their Japanese skill has improved so much already.

Finally, Izumi hosted a very nice welcome dinner and the students from last year’s Izumi delegation were there and enjoyed reconnecting with the BSCO delegates.

It was a full first day but the students enjoyed every moment despite the jetlag! Please stop back for further updates and pictures from the delegation. (Thanks to Yukari, the chaperone for the delegation for this and future updates).